Broad Vision and Laser-Beam Focus

By selecting me as your agent, you are allowing me into your life at a time of great change, as you undertake an enormous financial and emotional transaction. Every transaction has its own set of circumstances, and every buyer and seller their own set of expectations and emotions. My approach, refined through extensive experience, is diligent and engaging and hinges on a total commitment to your goals to ensure a successful outcome.

The increasing complexity of real estate transactions has added new demands and opportunities to the real estate arena. Remaining at the forefront involves a comprehensive toolbox. I have consistently achieved landmark results through a distinctive combination of vision, tenacity, and intuition, rooted in the firm ground of my negotiating experience.

I listen closely to my clients, and also to the street. I continually reassess the neighborhood, the community, and the marketplace at your precise moment in time, in the context of your needs. My training as a psychotherapist coupled with my background in interior design enrich my approach and my practice.

I specialize in providing outstanding and highly individualized service to Bay Area buyers and sellers of all sizes of homes, from lofts and condominiums to luxury estates. As a Certified Luxury Home Specialist, the key to meeting my clients’ needs at the highest level depends on foresight, meticulous attention to detail, and committed follow-through.
Throughout my 25+ year career, I have been repeatedly recognized as among the elite Top Producing Agents, both locally and nationally.

I am honored that my clients rely on me so fully and I always work to uphold and reinforce that trust. I delight in the details, being clear on the objectives, and embrace opportunities to expand my expertise.

“It is not by coincidence that she enjoys the sterling reputation she so generously deserves. She is the hardest working, most knowledgeable, and most involved real estate professional I have ever worked with, with an un-erasable smile and refreshing humility always there to provide you comfort and wisdom. When it Comes to Buying & Selling Any Home, “Helene” Ranks Many Notches Above the Very Best.” – Charles Debbas, Architect

“She was level-headed and calm during a late-night high-pressure negotiation, and we believe her relationships and reputation were a critical reason minus winning out over other offers.” – Joshua and Lindsay Gartland

“Helene is so smart! Her sense of efficiency and determination is very exciting and effective!” – DJ Grubb, Owner, and President, The Grubb Co.

“Helene is the epitome of a finely tuned agent. She is keenly intuitive, constantly in sync with the market. She has her ear on the trends, her eyes on the staging, and her mind on the marketing, and of course, her antennae on the client’s interest.” – Kitty Cole, Business Consultant