When it Comes to Buying & Selling Any Home, Helene Ranks Many Notches Above the Very Best

In this world of constant competition, Helene’s many loyal clients would agree with me that when it comes to buying and selling any home, Helene ranks many notches above the very best. I cannot recommend her enough and count myself very fortunate to know her. I am a very appreciative client – I credit Helene for the achievement of setting a record for having sold my home for the highest price per square foot in the Berkeley/Oakland hills.

I can only talk in the superlative about her devotion to her clients and unsurpassed professionalism. The affection and admiration I have for her spans decades and is the result of a multitude of real estate finds and investment opportunities she so wisely encouraged me to pursue. Her understanding of the market is unequaled. Her pursuit of excellence in every deal she undertakes, and her sheer determination to understand a client’s needs as well as her drive to exceed their expectations is indisputable.

It is not by coincidence that she enjoys the sterling reputation she so generously deserves. She is the hardest working, most knowledgeable and most involved real estate professional I have ever worked with, with an un-erasable smile and refreshing humility always there to provide you comfort and wisdom.

I had the good fortune to build my dream house a few years ago. When it came time to sell it, I had the even better fortune to have Helene represent me, as always. Within a complex market she managed to help us sell it at a substantial profit by finding that one perfect buyer who best understood the house in a way that transcended anything else.  Helene found a way to break a new sales record.

When I met her a few years back as a potential architect for work she needed done to her house, we immediately connected on a design level few appreciate. That refined sense of style allows her to see potential where none is clear, to see a market where none is established and to see possibilities where none seem feasible.

~ Charles D., Architect

Today we wake up every morning in the one of the most beautiful homes in the Bay Area… Thank you Helene from the bottom of our hearts!

We have known Helene for over 12 years. Helene helped us buying our first home 10 years ago and recently she helped us selling the old home and buying the place of our dreams. It is very hard for us to write this testimonial for two reasons.

The first reason is that on Helene’s website everything has been said by other clients and everything is true. It is true that she is thorough, savvy, and forward-thinking. It is true that her timeless work ethic and her dedication is exceptional. It is true that you can totally trust her and that her expertise and charm will help you getting what you desire.

The second reason is that all these wonderful words are simply not enough to describe Helene’s talent. She held our hand for almost four years, as we were going through a crazy market which was becoming crazier every month. Not a single time she expressed disappointment with our last-minute decision not to go forward with a house (after our fourth visit) or not to bid higher. Instead, every single time she analyzed the outcome with us by using facts, lots of communication skills (mastered only by the top psychologists) and great patience. Without us realizing it, because of this process, each time the gap between us and our dream home became smaller.

Today we wake up every morning in the one of the most beautiful homes in the bay area. I cannot believe how many times we were so close to giving up.

Thank you Helene from the bottom of our hearts! We are glad that home search is over but we miss spending time with you!!

~ Francesco and Maryan

I have never been as impressed with any realtor’s knowledge, taste, dedication, and marketing strategy.

Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful representation of our home. Please know that I have never been as impressed with any realtor’s knowledge, taste, dedication, and marketing strategy. I am truly blown away and appreciate your expertise.

~ Haleh and Hassan

She’s in another league of professionalism, expertise, market savviness and hustle

Helene made our dreams come true. Truly! We know we wouldn’t be here today were it not for her exceptional talent, timeless work ethic and her dedication to her clients. From beginning to end, she made the home buying experience as seamless as possible and went out of her way to educate us on everything from the market, to negotiating tactics, to important ‘watch outs with older homes.’ We felt like we had the best champion throughout the process and when it was go-time on a very tough negotiation, she delivered big time and we now own the house of our dreams. I know from other people we’ve talked to that Helene truly goes above and beyond what other agents do.

She’s in another league of professionalism, expertise, market savviness and hustle. Several of our friends have worked with Helene and feel the same way we do. Our professional fields are competitive and so we know what it takes to navigate in the business world. We have been impressed from beginning to end with Helene’s honesty, integrity. and her savvy, mixed with a large dose of kindness, to be able to deliver the goods.

As we wake up each morning in this wonderful home, we are endlessly grateful and are thrilled to give her the highest recommendation possible.

~ Ashley and Colin

All of the outcomes would not have been as successful without the level of involvement, care, intensity and prowess that Helene brings to every transaction and to every person she works with.

We have now bought and sold three homes with Helene Barkin, a total of 6 transactions. Working with Helene is a pleasure! She is thorough, savvy, and forward-thinking. Helene most recently represented us in selling our home of 15 years, and it was a labor of love. Even in a strong market, there is always a range of potential outcomes, yet when our offers came in — considerably over the asking price — we were over the moon. Throughout the process, Helene was patient and understanding when we were nervous, she advised us on every detail as we got the house ready, and she prepared wonderfully creative marketing materials. Our home never looked better thanks to the terrific network that Helene has established through the years. Her experience and refined taste allow Helene to recommend the best people to contribute to readying the home for market, and the buyers’ agents appreciate working with her as she is respectful, responsive and thorough, all of which served us extremely well. We have only terrific things to say about Helene after 28 years of working together. What Helene brings cannot be measured alone by dollars, however, we have no doubt that all of six outcomes would not have been as successful without the level of involvement, care, intensity and prowess that Helene brings to every transaction and to every person she works with.

~ Barry and Kate

Her combination of expertise, wisdom and charm will get you the exact outcome you want … or an even better one!

The housing market is so intense right now so there is a really broad range of prices at which your home can sell. Helene is someone I was able to trust implicitly throughout the process of selling our home. She had us make the exact right investments in staging and preparing the house for sale that resulted in our being beyond thrilled with the ultimate sale price which was well above what we had anticipated. You could not possibly choose a better agent to work with to list your home. Her combination of expertise, wisdom and charm will get you the exact outcome you want … or an even better one!

~ Micah

Whether buyer or Selling, she will get you where you want to go with the best strategy for closing a deal

When my wife and I were looking for a real estate agent, we wanted someone who was knowledgeable, communicative, calm, and had good insights on the market and on the best strategy for closing a deal. And we found that and more with Helene Barkin. She is excellent at both buying and selling, which isn’t always the case.

We had looked for 2 years, made offers, and were rejected multiple times before we found Helene. On the first house that really got us excited, Helene strategized and we put in a pre-emptive bid, with a 24 hour deadline, a day before the open house. We never would have thought of that! We saw the house on Thursday and we were in contract on Saturday. We are still in shock at this quick turnaround after months of feeling discouraged and frustrated. Helene knew what to do and did it. We move on Monday!

As we prepare our “old house” for sale, we are getting the same good treatment and insights from Helene as we did when we purchased our new home. She knows how all this works and has the experience and knowledge to get you where you want to go. We are very confident our house will sell for what we want. Helene has guided us through all the inspections, painting, repairs, staging, and more so we can get to market with the best possible presentation. No detail is too small for her. She is a great communicator and a really good person to work with. We can’t recommend Helene enough.

~ Reed and Rissa

Helene has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the nuances of the real estate market. She conducts exhaustive research and spares no effort in marketing especially for homes with beautiful designs and architectural features that need to be represented with knowledge and a passion for beauty and quality.

It is a pleasure to spread the word about our wonderful experience with Helene Barkin for selling our home in Oakland Hills. Ms. Barkin was recommended to us by our trusted realtor in Tucson, AZ, as a highly-rated agent certified to represent luxury real estate in Bay Area.

Our house had been listed previously by another agent and, in 39 days had only one showing. Meanwhile, the interest rates were climbing rapidly, and the market was shifting. At this time, we contracted Helene as our listing agent. Unlike our previous realtor, she worked tirelessly to ensure the house was staged properly, photographed and video graphed beautifully, and priced correctly. Our home went into contract within eight days and closed in 20.

Helene has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the nuances of the real estate market. She conducts exhaustive research and spares no effort in marketing. In addition, her love of residential architecture and design and her sound advice separating the seller’s subjectivity from marketing plans are all invaluable assets.

In writing this testimonial, we want to thank Helene for her service and recommend her to anyone planning to sell their home, especially for homes with beautiful designs and architectural features that need to be represented with knowledge and a passion for beauty and quality.

~ Hassan & Haleh

On both ends we came out ahead of what we expected the outcome would be. Go with Helene and you will be amazed as the outcome on every level surpasses all expectations.

We have known Helene Barkin for 7 years now. She waited patiently while we took our time to find the right home and when we were, we went through that deal like a hot knife through butter thanks to Helene’s expertise, attention to detail and way with people. Helene was instrumental in helping us buy our dream house in the middle of the pandemic! and then subsequently helped us sell another property during such a challenging time. On both ends we came out ahead of what we expected the outcome would be. Best of all is that throughout the entire process, Helene was there to answer any questions, research anything she needed to know and worked tirelessly to see to it that we were happy and confident with our choices. We have bought and sold properties with two other agents and between these experiences and the countless stories that I have heard from other people who have worked with other realtors, I have never heard anyone say anything remotely close to what I am sharing with you now. When we were looking to buy in this area, the selling agent showing that house asked us who our agent was, and I told her that it was Helene. She replied with a big smile and said to me, “Oh alright then. You’re in really good hands. Helene will get you your house.” I believed them and sure enough they were right. Go with Helene and you will be amazed as the outcome on every level surpasses all expectations you may have. Whether buying and/or selling, as we were, you will find yourself surprised at how smoothly the process went, trusting that you have been well cared for, impeccably attended to and so happy with the outcome.

~ Amy

She was level-headed and calm during a late night high pressure negotiation, and we believe her relationships and reputation were a critical reason in us winning out over other offers

More than just her deep knowledge of the real estate market, diligence process, contractual nuances, and negotiations tactics — she knows people!

Helene recently ushered us through the stressful process that is buying a house in the bay area. Helene is balanced and extremely experienced but most of all, she listens, learns, and adapts as our needs and wants evolved. It seemed like she was able to intuit our needs and preferences before we even realized them ourselves! She operated with the utmost patience and without skipping a beat as we navigated inventory and changed our minds about our priorities many times.

When it came to contract negotiation, Helene helped us prevail in a competitive situation, ultimately getting our dream home! She was level-headed and calm during a late night high pressure negotiation, and we believe her relationships and reputation were a critical reason in us winning out over other offers.

Helene made herself available around the clock and we felt as if we were her only client. Not only that…she was FUN and a pleasure to work with!

As if aiding us close the sale transaction wasn’t enough, Helene went the extra mile in offering her interior design skills. She helped us understand where our personal items could be placed in the new space. Moreover she brokered offers of buying some of the seller’s items for us.

In summary, Helene is a full service / experienced broker that WILL have your best interests in mind and guide you through the process of buying a house — end-to-end!

You will be in safe hands! We couldn’t recommend any broker over Helene.

~ Joshua and Lindsay

Helene was completely covered for all possible complications.

Helene was great! Helene orchestrated the entire process of selling our property with grace and finesse. Even when gingerly prodded to complete yet another form, we always enjoyed our palaver. Helene gave every aspect of our sale equal weight, from the price to what time of day presented the most optimal, natural light for photos. Helene worked great with all inspectors, stagers, title companies, banks, agents, neighbors and us. If and when we needed names of companies, Helene had extensive lists of current recommendations. Helene was completely covered for all possible complications. Helene is a complete professional yet feels like family. We highly recommend Helene and will come to her for all our future real estate adventures!

~ Robert and Julia

Helene helped us to sell our home and find a new one in record time and we will forever be grateful

Helene helped us to sell our home and find a new one in record time and we will forever be grateful for her professionalism, skill, and friendship. Helene guided us through the steps of preparing our home for sale and did an incredible job of negotiating its sale at the price we were looking for. We are so excited to already be in our beautiful new home and we know that getting this home so quickly was a miracle that she worked for us! We deeply admired Helene’s attention to detail. Helene is especially successful at what she does as a result the respect she has gained amongst her colleagues for her integrity and her trustworthiness. Her help extended far and beyond just a real estate agent. She was a true friend in her support and kindness in every way. We highly recommend Helene for anyone wanting to sell or buy in the Bay Area!

~ Rebecca & Cyril

You Are a Miracle Worker!

“Well, I guess it’s over for the time being! I am going to miss our many-times-a-day phone and email exchanges. These last couple of months have been busy, at times frustrating, but ultimately very, very successful. I think we did very well. All three properties are good choices and will likely be good long term investments.

You have been wonderful. We would never have been able to do this without you, especially your amazing ability to make people want to sell to us! Three for three this time, in addition to the ones past. I don’t know how you do that, but you are absolute magic on that score — sort of like one of Harry Potter’s spells!

Once again, I just want to say thank you for all the great diligence and help. You are a miracle worker!”

~ Kent R.

In all our real estate experiences, only you have been the broker I felt we could trust. Our whole family is richer (by richer, I mean depth of experience, but the meaning applies as well!) for your presence in our lives.

Dear Helene:
“While we have made the decision to leave Berkeley, there are people who have been very important to us here, and you are among them.

When I was a younger woman, I never expected to be involved in the many property purchases and sales that we have been over the years – both in the Napa Valley and in the East Bay. In all our real estate experiences, only you have been the broker I felt we could trust. I have especially enjoyed the sense that from the beginning, you “see” us – see who we are. That seems a rare thing in the world of real estate, but also in friendships and people in general. I don’t always look forward to the nuts and bolts of buying/selling/moving, but I DO look forward to your insight and our interactions, whether they be over coffee, dinner…or a deal! Our whole family is richer (by richer, I mean depth of experience, but the meaning applies as well!) for your presence in our lives. All to say, the sentiments you express are mutually felt by us.”

~ Celia R.

She has a keen and artistic eye, is passionate about helping her clients and delivering high quality service… We found our dream home and she was able to expertly facilitate its successful purchase with multiple offers.

We have had the good fortune of working with Helene Barkin over the last year to both buy a new home and sell our former one. In the beginning of our process, we knew we wanted more space but weren’t sure about exactly where or what kind of home would best fit our needs. Helene did an excellent job of discerning the difference between what we said we wanted with what we actually responded to in-person (and ultimately ended up with!). She always listens first before offering her opinion. During our home buying search, the pandemic began and Helene adeptly helped us adjust to the quickly changing landscape of how to continue the search during difficult times. We found our dream home during this time and she was able to expertly facilitate its successful purchase. Helene shined in managing the relationships of stakeholders and making sure everything got done in a timely manner. Soon thereafter we decided to put our condo on the market and again Helene guided us through the process leading to a successful sale. This was no small feat given the ongoing pandemic and a record-breaking heatwave the week of showings. Helene is a consummate professional with extensive experience and a wide network of connections. She has a keen and artistic eye, is passionate about helping her clients and delivering high-quality service. For any of your East Bay real estate needs you are in excellent hands with Helene Barkin.

~ Sarah and Boris

She Calls the Shots Really Honestly. Helene Is Spot On!

We weren’t actually looking to buy, but suddenly there we were standing in a fabulous house in the ideal neighborhood. Taking a brisk walk through the Claremont Hills on a Sunday afternoon brought us here. We had wanted to move closer to things that interested us culturally.

We would need tip-top dollar on our home in Piedmont to make the leap. Helene was immediately helpful and responsive. She proposed a clever strategy that resulted in a landmark price for our home. We were so impressed.

Helene is pristine in everything she does. She handles every aspect expertly. Her ethics are totally within her being, and you know her numbers are correct. She calls the shots really honestly. Helene is spot on!

~ Terri and Debbi

We Were Really Impressed with Helene’s Deep Knowledge
& Finger on the Pulse

We were immediately impressed with her deep knowledge of the market for homes in Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont. Through her network with others in the industry, we were able to see a number of homes before they were publicly listed.

One thing we were really impressed with is Helene’s finger on the pulse of the market. She accurately estimated the final sales price of every house that we were going to bid on. We are thrilled with our new home. The property attracted a great deal of interest, resulting in seven offers, and we know we would not have been successful in purchasing the house without Helene’s dedicated work and good relationship with the selling broker. She was in constant communication with the seller’s broker and really advocated for us.

We have the highest regard for Helene and have already recommended her to several friends.

~ George and Judy

We give her our highest recommendation and will endlessly be grateful to her

My husband and I are in the process of selling our former home in Berkeley after having recently moved to our new Orinda home. Our realtor is Helene Barkin, who is the same realtor that originally helped my husband purchase our Berkeley house and helped his son purchase his first home in Albany, Ca.

All of these transactions occurred in California in highly desirable areas where bidding wars are the norm. Helene guided us through the process with ease. She was available 24/7 for our texts, emails and phone calls. She did all of this really well because she is, without question, one of the best realtors around. One of the reasons she is so good is because she loves what she does and it shows. She is passionate about her work, feels that no detail is too small and with her experience having sold over 400 homes during her career, can successfully solve any issue that comes up with ease.

We give her our highest recommendation and will endlessly be grateful to her for her professionalism, knowledge and kindness.

~ Eloise and Marke

I hope others are as lucky as we were to work alongside you…
Through the Complexities of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Helene- I want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for your expertise and guidance in the recent purchase of our home. From the moment I contacted you last summer, you sprung into action, fully placing yourself “in our shoes” as to the complexity of a cross country move. You quickly met with us, educated us on the key differences between purchasing a home in California versus Massachusetts and oriented us to focus areas of search base on our criteria. That initial process gave us tremendous ease and comfort knowing we were in caring and professional hands. After completely understanding our choice to rent for an initial 7 months, you once again sprung into action to help us navigate an intense and unconventional buying process – one conditioned by working through the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t thank you enough for your steady guidance and follow up to make sure we were always informed and prepared for each step.

Your grace, humor, and spirit were also infectious throughout the process! Simply put, I could not have asked for better support. My sincerest thanks for how you helped us and all that you do. I hope others are as lucky as we were to work alongside you!

~ Karl and Arabella

You were our only choice and you did not disappoint…
you just took my breath away

We were so fortunate to have met you 12 years ago when you were the seller’s agent for the house we bought. When the time came to sell, you were our only choice and you did not disappoint. You handled everything so competently and efficiently you just took my breath away. On day one you laid out everything so clearly that we were able to plan an agenda. You came equipped with many sources from which we could choose: stagers, window washers, movers, inspectors, plumbers…your years of experience paid off in a big way for us.

As you know, this was a difficult time for us and I don’t know what we would have done without you. You were a great teammate: always available, always reliable, always compassionate. We have been so confident and comfortable with everything in your hands. Nothing escaped your attention; your advice, your guidance, your knowledge, and judgment were so deeply appreciated.

With our many thanks,

~ Cali and Roger


The number of offers was off the charts, thanks to Helene’s expert marketing skills


We found our dream with Helene! After going back & forth for 2 years between a remodel and buying a larger home, we decided to sell and find an agent for the purchase of a home that better suited our needs. How lucky we were to find Helene Barkin to represent us, both with the sale and the new purchase. We had heard of her many years of experience, skills, and successes but we never expected such a dynamo.

Helene guided us expertly and with wisdom through the process of buying and selling. She is steadfast, very detail-oriented, and totally trustworthy. I learned so much and was delighted by her quick and patient responses to my millions of questions. She knew just what to do at every step along the way, minimizing the anxieties of buying and selling and positioning us to be successful in a very competitive environment of multiple offers.

Always the consummate professional, when it came to preparing for the sale of our home, Helene showed us how to maximize the selling potential so effectively; we were astounded that our first open house brought record-breaking attendance, and the number of offers was off the charts, thanks to Helene’s expert marketing skills. Her communication was thorough and consistent and the final sale offer was beyond our most fervent hopes.

The home we bought was a dream come true; we couldn’t be happier. We are forever grateful to her.

~ Janet and Joan

She is a very special human, an excellent communicator, honest, kind and always 100% professional

When we moved to Oakland 5 years ago, we were overwhelmed with the idea of buying a house and from the moment we met Helene, we knew we were in good hands. In that time, we must have looked at 30 houses and after many conversations with Helene we finally found our dream home and I truly believe that I would not be in this particular, perfect-for-me (and our family) home without her. She is way more than your average realtor and defies all stereotypes so many have of those in the business of selling homes. She is a very special human, an excellent communicator, honest, kind and always 100% professional. She rode the exciting and intense ride of on and off again home search for 5 years consistently and always had our best interests in mind. Once I walked into an open house and the selling agent asked me who our realtor was and when I said Helene Barkin, that agent replied, “Oh, she will get you your house for sure”, and she did. If it weren’t for COVID, I’d have her here right now enjoying the peaceful and beautiful view on our new deck for Happy Hour. You’re in the best hands with Helene 🙂

~ Amy and Micah

I Never Questioned Her Judgment Once.

Helene helped my husband and I buy a house in 2013 when the market was going crazy. She is an extremely experienced and professional agent. She is a gifted writer and tough negotiator, getting right down to the point and providing analyses that helped us make decisions we felt comfortable with. I never questioned her judgment once.

She knows the market in the Bay Area very well and was transparent about what she didn’t know or couldn’t predict. She walked us through some complex processes and negotiations, and gave us confidence that we were making the right decisions. The purchase of our house was complicated, with many parties involved, and she was comfortable dealing with all the different personalities.

Helene does your homework for you, and lets you take your time with gentle pressure; the gentle pressure is because she knows what it takes to buy a house. She’s straightforward and honest. She advises you, but lets you make your own decisions. She’s not pushy or aggressive, and yet she gets the job done!

We are extremely happy with our house and the way the purchase was negotiated. She created a win-win climate both for the seller and for us. I don’t believe we would have this house if we had worked with any other agent. Helene is truly a professional. She has a sensibility, sweetness and toughness about her. I would highly recommend her to any friend who was seeking or selling a house.

~ Carina W

We Could Not Be More Satisfied!

I’ll never forget the moment that Helene called me at work in the middle of her broker’s tour and told me that she’d found our house in Oakland’s Glenview District. Since she understood from the beginning exactly what we were looking for, she turned out to be absolutely right.

The next step was helping us to put together a winning offer at the lowest possible (winning) price, and she exhibited mastery at that too. During the repair and escrow process, she was able to negotiate a substantial reduction in the contract price.

And she’s been a great resource for us even after the deal was closed and we moved in. It’s almost a miracle that we were able to get our home at the price that we paid for it, especially given the state of the Bay Area housing market. We owe it all to Helene, who has thorough knowledge of the East Bay real estate market and neighborhoods, a hawkish attention to detail, and persistence in gathering the required information and in negotiating with the seller’s agent.

She also provided us with great contacts to take care of the financial aspects of the deal and with regard to inspections and improvements of our new house. We could not be more satisfied and we offer our unqualified endorsement.

~ Daniel & Andrea

She Expertly Guides You through the Maze to a Real Estate Triumph.

Helene is a brilliant woman with steely nerves and an unwavering focus on her client’s success. By contrast, the times when we have cooperated on real estate transactions have been a pure joy. Helene never procrastinates and always anticipates a solution to the next obstacle.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, and regardless of market conditions, you will greatly benefit from Helene’s wisdom as she expertly guides you through the maze to a real estate triumph.

~ John Karnay, Broker/Owner & CFO The Grubb Company

She Is Remarkable in the Field.

I was seldom available, due to a busy schedule. Helene worked with great commitment, creativity and humor to help me accomplish my goals, one of which was to sell at a certain price. She was able to realize my desire to work collaboratively with her, and she initiated a plan that proved to be extremely successful.

It’s about who she is and how she conducts herself. Her way of conducting business resonated with me. Helene has a clarity of purpose. I think she is remarkable in the field.

~ Louise

She Is a Superb Multi-Tasker.

Helene has an ability to be both a floodlight and a spotlight. She connects through many portals — cell phone, computer, multiple ways. When she needs to focus she is laser beam. Helene also loves being a floodlight — showing the big picture. She is a superb multi-tasker. She has lots of bandwidth.

~ Jo

Helene Has Wisdom, Integrity & Skill.

From the start, Helene took a personal interest in meeting our needs. Due directly to her ethics, energy and drive, everything about this challenging process was as easy and successful as possible. We cannot compliment her enough for her wisdom, integrity and skill in the field.

~ Michael I. & Charlene S.

Helene Stood Out to Me.

I am a real estate attorney, and work with brokers regularly. Helene stood out to me as someone who was highly professional, reliable, compulsive about detail, and made my job as easy as it could possibly be due to her proficiency.

~ Adam L.

Her Meticulous Work Was Awesome!

In just one meeting, she gained our confidence. We truly felt the power of working with a superb “buyer’s agent,” and we are grateful to Helene for investing herself fully in our house-buying experience. Her meticulous work was awesome, even by research scientist standards.

~ Mark & Isabelle A.

We Always Had the Impression She Was Putting Our Interests First.

Helene demonstrated the highest level of professional integrity. Not once did we sense the kind of pushy salesmanship we’d experienced with other agents. We always had the impression she was putting our interests first. Helene should teach a course on the finer points of client-agent relations. She is truly one of a kind.

~ Mark M. & Amy K.

Her Knowledge & Professional Manner Place Her at the Absolute Top.

Helene was unwavering in her strategy, and was confident we were priced at the top margin. Her knowledge and professional manner, as well as her charming personality, place her at the absolute top.

~ Richard H.

Her Marketing Skills Are Unsurpassed.

Helene has specialized in expertly handling the sales and listings of many prestigious properties. Her marketing skills are unsurpassed. Additionally, the clients have the distinct sense that they are getting the most personal real estate service available. Simply put, her clients are completely impressed.

~ Michael B.

She Is a Professional, and a Star!

Helene is absolutely marvelous. She’s reliable, prompt, enthusiastic, frank, supportive, well respected and incredibly knowledgeable. She is a professional, and a star!

~ Scott & Deidre S.

She Was Remarkable in Her Focus on Our Objectives.

She grasped our preferences immediately, and was remarkable in her focus on our objectives. Helene also helped us think creatively about how to accomplish our goals, and her sense of timing was perfect. The search for a home can be a frustrating one, but our relationship with Helene made it both enjoyable and satisfying.

~ Aron C. & Berit A.

Helene Has Outstanding Organizational Acumen.

Her outstanding organizational acumen, strong work ethic and superior negotiating skills were instrumental to our success.

~ John S.

She Is a Consummate Professional.

Helene is an expert. She brings years of experience and a depth of knowledge to each and every step of the process — determining a listing process, forming a marketing plan, negotiating with potential buyers, and even navigating the challenges of the real estate market during a down economy. She is a consummate professional.

~ Florence J. & Frank L.

Helene Is Terrific.

Helene did an excellent job of handling the hundreds of details associated with closing two real estate transactions. She stays right on top of all the paperwork and makes sure that everything is done correctly. As two lawyers who care about details, we really appreciate her conscientiousness. In sum, Helene is terrific.

~ Samantha & Ira W.

We Will Give Her Name to Anyone Who Asks — and Plenty of People Who Don’t!

To say that we are extremely pleased with the results would be a tremendous understatement. There is no doubt that those results are attributable to the efforts and guidance that Helene gave us. Bottom line is that she worked tirelessly at making the house ‘hot.’ We will certainly give her name to anyone who asks – and plenty of people who don’t.

~ Linda, Donna & Anthony S.

It Was a Real Pleasure to Have Helene Represent Our Property.

“Helene’s amazing focus, energy, sense of urgency, market knowledge, client care and personalized touch coupled with her experience, timely communication and incredible follow-through made it a real pleasure to have her represent our property.”

~Ron M.

I Do Not Believe there Is a Finer Agent.

Her word is everything and can be counted on. I do not believe there is a finer agent to represent either buyers or sellers in any price range. Her reputation working with buyers looking for a grand estate in the high-end market is matched in intensity and effort by her work with buyers who can afford less.

~ Frank J.

I Feel So Blessed to Have Had Ms. Barkin in My Corner.

“I met Helene Barkin serendipitously, like all great finds. My immediate impression was that she was, in a word, prodigious. Her depth in understanding and de-mystifying the East Bay housing market comes from years of sage experience, and she exudes that confidence in her skills. Her uncanny ability to read the emotional and cultural map of her client — who was unlike her in many ways — made her absolutely priceless to my journey.

As a busy surgeon, I needed efficiency, and she provided it. Helene exemplifies the highest standards in service, and imbues her working relationships with warmth and strength in the most trying and frustrating times. I feel so blessed to have had Ms. Barkin in my corner.”

~ Dr. JoAnne G.

She Has an Uncanny Ability to Make You Feel like You Are Her Only Client.

She is tireless in her handling of minute detail, she’s a terrific communicator, and she has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you are her only client. In a gentle, patient manner, Helene guided us through all travails.

~ MaryAnn & Luis R.

We Rely without Question on Her Professional Opinions.

I can’t think of any other agent in Berkeley who could have obtained the same extraordinary result as Helene. We rely without question on her professional opinions. The friends we referred to her have shared with us their own enthusiasm and appreciation for her work. Anyone in need of a listing or buying agent would be blessed to engage her.

~ James & Rhonda D.

Helene Went Above & Beyond.

Helene demonstrated sensitivity, flexibility and patience. She also went above and beyond, under some extenuating circumstances, remaining involved even after her work had technically been completed.

~ Todd R.

Her Foresight, Smart Analysis & Fair Assessment Made it Clear She Was the Right Choice to Represent Us.

Helene’s foresight, smart analysis and fair assessment of the value of my family’s home made it clear to us that she was the right choice to represent us as a realtor. She used dynamite professionalism, business savvy and detailed planning skills to a degree I have never seen in a realtor — more even than exhibited by many senior managers I’ve dealt with in my 25 years in a professional arena.

~ Jeffrey S.

Be Careful What You Wish for with Helene – Because You’ll Get It.

Helene is great at explaining and master-minding negotiations. She manages to make everyone come out a winner. Her level of service and professionalism extends to everything she does, and she handles it all personally.

I am extremely particular, and wanted to be sure that when my home hit the market, it would look spectacular. Helene’s support people were so responsive and detail-oriented — all the work was done at a fair price, promptly and superbly.

Helene kept me calm and on track at a very emotional time. Be careful what you wish for with Helene – because you’ll get it.

~ Rich

We Will Always Be Indebted to Helene

We are sure that without Helene as our agent, we would never have gotten our dream home. We will always be indebted to Helene for finding it and making the deal possible.
That is part of the magic of a good realtor — having the right network, keeping a keen eye out, and knowing your clients. Helene brings all of this to the table.

Helene never promises more than she can deliver. That said, she delivers a lot.

~ Kate and Barry

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